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  • Impotence – the bane of modern society. This disease is very concerned not only by mature men, but rather young people. The causes of such troubles are: psychological problems and physical condition of the person. Often, this illness is the cause of the break in personal relations between men and women, sometimes in strong family ties.
  • But don’t fall immediately into a depression, withdrawal, fenced off from the outside world. Erectile dysfunction is well treated. The main thing is that you must have the courage to cross the threshold of the doctor’s office. Doctor conducting the necessary studies, can appoint qualified treatment.

Three of the most popular drugs:

  • Modern medical science does not stand still. It developes many products that can work perfectly. The price of them is not so cheap and they are not available to all sufferers. But this problem is solved. In addition to the original drugs (such as Viagra), produced a lot of generics. You should not be afraid of them. According to the composition and efficiency – they are not at all inferior to the original drug, but much cheaper.

Generics for potency:

  • So effectively help to improve erection drugs capable of Viagra, Generic Cialis, and Generic Levitra.

Viagra in its composition is an absolute copy of the well-known drug for the treatment of sexual problems with sildenafil (Viagra). Is relatively recent, Viagra won fame due to its high efficiency. A worldwide sales are so huge that probably not a single person who has ever heard of such a preparation, even if not needed in its application.

  • It’s good that this drug is sold freely available without a prescription. And all the contraindications are available, but you should read the instructions carefully. The drug is good not only for those who have impotence. Quite healthy men can use it to enhance the attraction, to extend the time of sexual intercourse and, in general, to have in sexual life more thrills. Generic Viagra does not yield the original drug, since it is based on the same composition as in Viagra.

Generic Cialis – another drug to improve sexual life. It starts to act almost immediately after the reception (about half an hour), and the effect lasts for about one and a half days. By the opinion of those who made this miracle remedy for such a long duration is extremely convenient for both sexual partners. The drug is very effective, but the original sales prevented the high cost. Therefore, from the same raw material that was used in the production of the original steel make it generic. The analogue patented by all the rules. Its action is equivalent to the original. After taking a pill in the early morning – man will have success with women for a day and more.

Generic Levitra also helps in case of problems in sexual life. The analogy of original drug has a lower cost. In addition to the price, the shape of the tablets are different and the color. Impotence does not cure, but only allows you to make a qualitative sexual intercourse. It begins to act very quickly, in about fifteen minutes. Sexual partners cannot guess that man takes drugs, it looks very natural. In the opinion of men- almost always this drug acts in full measure, there are no misfires.

  • Of course, for men it is difficult to implement among the variety of choice that offers pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, manufacturers are going to meet their potential customers and produce test kits of several generics. Trying them one by one, you can choose a tool that fits a particular man.

Is there physiological dependence on these drugs?

After a while, every man will wonder if potency pills will not cause any addiction?

  • Manufacturers of such a specific drugs said that this is just a human speculation. In fact, all of the scientific studies say the opposite – either Viagra or other similar means not addictive. The fact that the composition of many drugs to improve erectile dysfunction includes sildenafil component, which has over the years established itself at its best.

All of these drugs affect only the blood flow to the pelvic organs and genitals, and the brain have no effect. But addiction can contribute to influence brain receptors. It’s not the money that contain substances that are similar in effects to the drug. So this can cause dependency and addiction. A means to increase potency at any pharmacy without a prescription, that’s why potency drugs are not dangerous and don’t make any addiction.

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