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Man in pants with erectile dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction

Cialis – a drug which won big popularity among men who have weak or unstable erection. It was a huge amount of clinical studies and trials, which were attended by several thousand people with erectile dysfunction. The effectiveness of the drug is 81%, exactly the same percentage of men was able to completely restore “normal” erections, and the rest got rid of their ailments, depending on the complexity of the disease. This is a great result for the drug which belongs to ED group.

The main feature of Cialis is the ability to restore an erection for 36 hours after the pill administration, which occurs only during sexual arousal.

It gives many chances to partners not to adapt to a certain time of the drug and lead a normal life before the natural desire. In addition, the effectiveness of the medication will not affect a hearty dinner or drunk alcohol, which is also a definite plus for men of any age.

The action of the drug

  • We all understand that the main effect of the action of Cialis should be only one – increase potency in men. That’s what happens after treatment, during sexual arousal: the blood vessels of the penis dilate, after which it enters a more enhanced blood flow and thus creates a “normal” erections. The marked improvement in potency can be observed within 20 minutes after applying the medication.

Use and dosage

  • Tablets are used inside with some amount of water, regardless of meals. Minimum time before the alleged sexual intercourse should be 20 minutes. Most often, doctors recommended dose of 20 mg. Then, for 36 hours, you will be able at any moment to have full sexual readiness. Maximum frequency of administration should not exceed 1 per day. For elderly men- any changes in dosage and the application does not exist.

Recommendations and contraindications

  • Be sure to consult with your doctor before you use a tablet of Cialis. In your medical history he will determine the risks to which you may be exposed after the application of the drug. Here are the most important rules to be followed:
  • As with any drug of this action, Cialis contraindicated in co-application with nitrates (which are drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases).

The body, which affects sensitive to any component of the drug Cialis is absolutely contraindicated.

  • It can not be applied by persons under 18 years old.
    Arterial hypertension, liver or kidney failure, disorders of the heart – is one of the major contraindications for use of Cialis.

Side effects and overdose

Thanks to the experience of the application of well-studied drugs, side effects are rare. But there are exceptions to the rule, so you should be prepared for the following symptoms:

  1. Weak headaches
  2. Dizziness and vomiting
  3. Rush of blood to the face
  4. Nasal congestion
  5. In case of overdose, the risk of getting one of the side effects increases. Therefore, you should immediately contact a doctor to carry out standard symptomatic therapy.

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